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  •  Vesuvius Cake
    Indulgence redefined with this Italian cake classic! We take a layer of chocolate cake, add a layer of cheesecake, smother the whole thing in chocolate and then, watch out, and eruption of mousse, ribbons of caramel & chocolate. Includes a greeting card that you personalize for your occasion and..
  • 12 Long Stem Assorted Roses
    12 Long Stem Mixed Roses in a vase ..
  • 12 Long Stem Red Roses
    A dozen roses is always special, but receiving a dozen red roses is the epitome of love and romance! The number 12 is packed with meaning and symbolism, going back to ancient times. 12 red roses signify a never ending love that lasts the whole year, and beyond. 12 is an important number; from the am..
  • Flirticious
    This classic mix of rose and lily sits prettily amongst the mass of tanacetum daisies and zesty greenbell. A lovely choice as a birthday gift, or why not treat yourself to a little spring cheer? Please note the vase is not included. Our flowers may arrive unopened but the buds will come into bloom w..
  • Flowers in a vase
  • October Afternoon
    A bouquet designed to evoke the feeling of an autumn walk in the park. The warm, orange tones of the Cala Lilies and Aclepsis Tuberosa, contrast wonderfully against the cool purples of the �Memory Lane� roses and Berried Viburnum. Bouquet details: 5 Orange calla lily 6 Memory lane rose ..
  • Strawberry